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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The comparatively stable (if anxious) mood of the 50s and early 60s was morphing into the turbulent 60s. The Vietnam War was heating up, as were protests against it. The middle east was a hot bed, with the pivotal '67 War. It was a hippy high point, the "Summer of Love". NASA launched probes to the moon and Venus as well as Apollo 4 -- an unmanned test of the whole Saturn V and Command Module system needed to put men on the moon. Films in theaters and drive-ins during this transition time, were almost all low-budget B movies in the spirit of the late 50s and early 60s.

  Island of Terror -- On an Irish island, scientists try to engineer cancer-eating cells, but create a new life form that "eats" human (and animal) bones.

  The Projected Man -- A matter-transporter experiment goes wrong, creating a scientist-monster whose touch electrocutes people.

  Snow Devils -- Fourth in the "Gamma One" quadrilogy. Yeti-like aliens plan to turn Earth into an ice planet. Rod Jackson flies to a moon of Jupiter to stop the plot.

  Night of the Big Heat -- An English island is being made hotter and hotter by aliens resembling glowing rocks, as prelude to an invasion.

  The Terrornauts -- A small SETI team are whisked off to an asteroid by an automated alien base to help stop an attacking fleet of red "enemy" rockets.

  The Vulture -- A rogue scientist uses a nuclear reactor to bring to life the bones on an ancestor. It works, but he is sometimes a man, sometimes a giant vulture.

  They Came From Beyond Space -- Meteorites in England contain energy beings from a dying race, who seek new bodies to possess. The Brits object.

The Reluctant Astronaut -- A Don Knotts comedy about a bumbling NASA janitor drafted to fly a space capsule to prove how automatic it was.

  Mars Needs Women -- Young men from Mars plan to steal a few choice women from Earth, but one of the Martians falls in love.

  Journey to the Center of Time -- Scientists with a time-travel pod visit earth's future and prehistoric past, and encounter themselves.

  In the Year 2889 -- Essentially a modernized remake (copy) of the '55 film Day The World Ended.

  Rocket to the Moon -- A British comedy retelling of the classic Jules Verne moon journey story, but no one gets to the moon.

  Planetary Giants -- An alien dictator wants the secret of an earth scientist's rocket, so he can build a fleet and conquer the earth.

  Planet of Invading Women -- A planet of pretty (but ruthless) women plan to steal earth children to use their lung tissue, so they can breathe earth air and invade.

  The Frozen Dead -- An old Nazi scientist uses the kept-alive head of a young woman, intending to use mind control to revive 1500 cryogenically frozen Nazis.

  Night Fright -- A space capsule returns from radiation-infested space, the monkey aboard has become a murderous gorilla monster.


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