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Monday, May 5, 2014


Jimmy Carter wins the presidency and discovers that Americans aren’t optimistic anymore. Had Carter watched 70s sci-fi, he would have known. For years, viewers have wallowed in dystopia, post-apocalyptic ruin and environmental doom. Malaise was as chipper as they could muster.

Below is a list of the sci-fi films of 1976, in roughly chronological order.

Doomwatch — Based on a British environmental-angst TV series, a team investigate islanders deformed from a toxic spill.

Track of the Moon Beast — A geologist is struck by a tiny meteorite. He turns into a killer Moon Beast at each full moon. He must be stopped before he kills again AND explodes.

Time Travelers — Yet another version of Irwin Allen’s concept. Doctors must travel back pre-fire Chicago for a plague cure.

Embryo — A Frankenstein variant. Doctor creates a beautiful woman from a fetus, but she must have fetal hormones to stay alive.

Food of the Gods — Bert. I. Gordon’s giant rats besiege people in a mountain cabin. Based on a segment of H.G.Wells’ novel.

Logan’s Run — Future dystopia where anyone over 30 is euthanized. Logan tries to find The Sanctuary outside the city dome.

The Ultimate Warrior — Yul Brynner is a hired mercenary to get a pregnant woman out of a post-apocalyptic city rife with starvation and gang warfare.

The Man Who Fell to Earth — David Bowie stars as semi-helpless alien who came to earth to save his dying race. He is discovered and subjected to medical tests.

At the Earth’s Core — Yet another Verne variant. Two men burrow to earth’s core to find (surprise!) dinosaurs and scantily-clad women.

Furtureworld — Sequel to Westworld. Reporters uncover a plot to replace world leaders with bio-bot doubles.


Anonymous said...

I love this site! I'm a big fan of 1970's sci-fi (can't wait for Laserblast from 1978!)

However, I cannot access any of the 1976 entries. I click on the links and it just brings up an error message: Not Found error 404


I need a critique for Logan's Run and At the Earth's Core. Jenny and Caroline! Yum!


Nightowl said...

You were right. Blogger had inserted some odd extra 'code' in the links. Silly Blogger. I've removed the silliness and all seem to be working. You should be able to access Logon's Run, etc. now. Enjoy!

Yes, Laserblast will be fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nightowl for fixing the links!

This site is awesome! Love the reviews!

Looking forward to Starcrash and Warlords of Atlantis! Seen both of these in the theater when I was a wee lad!

I just realized you also have entries for 1972-1975. The year links at the bottom of the header graphic only seem to go up to the year 1971. Just thought I would mention this.

Thanks again for a wonderful site!