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Friday, January 7, 2011


The tide of sci-fi offerings continued to rise in the midpoint of the decade. While most were low-budget efforts (very much in the 50s idiom), there were many re-releases of foreign sci-fi. Audiences were eager for more sci-fi. The previous market driver, (the Drive-In theater) was losing steam, but television stepping up.

The Human Duplicators Richard "Jaws" Kiel stars as Kolos, an alien sent to replace key earth people with obedient duplicates, as a preparation for invasion.

Mutiny in Outer Space A spreading space fungus threatens a space station. The unbalanced commander refuses to acknowledge the peril, prompting a mutiny.

Curse of the Fly A third installment in the Delambre saga. The transporter project still has its problems: mutants and rapid aging. Thankfully, no flies.

Crack in the World A scientist fires a nuke into the earth's core, hoping to provide limitless geo-thermal power. Instead, he causes a crack to grow, which could split the earth in two.

Monster A-Go-Go An astronaut disappears when his capsule lands. He has become a 9' tall radioactive monster. There is some small amount of dancing. The monster is tracked down and killed in tunnels beneath Chicago.

War Gods of the Deep One of the lesser of the Corman Poe-Cycle. Loosely based on a Poe poem, Vincent Price stars as the captain of men trapped in a time-immune city under the sea.

The Damned A British film from '63 about "special" radioactive children raised in a bunker world to rebuild mankind should WWIII occur.

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet A mission to Venus. Dub of the soviet film Planeta Bur with minor new footage with Basil Rathbone and Faith Domergue.

Frankenstein meets the Spacemonster Not a story about the original Frankenstein, but an android astronaut who thwarts an alien invasion and fights their monster.

Village of the Giants Bert I. Gordon's loose adaptation (and very teen-ifiied) version of H.G. Wells' "Food of the Gods." Giant teen miscreants hold a town hostage.

Planet of the Vampires Mario Bava's artsy italian tale of Astronauts being taken over by energy beings intent on getting to earth.

Die Monster Die Loose adaptation of Lovecraft's "Colour out of Space." A rural gentleman keeps meteorite which he thinks will benefit mankind, but it actually drains life.

Spaceflight IC-1 A space ark with four married couples aboard, is sent to find Earth 2. Personalities clash. A showdown ensues. Two die.

Atragon English dub of 1063 Toho film about the flying submarine superweapon Atragon. It's reclusive owner must be convinced to use it to save Earth.

Evil Brain from Outer Space A set of Starman episodes cobbled together into a TV film. The brain of Balizar tries to prepare Earth for a Zemarian invasion.

Attack of the Eye Creatures Larry Buchanan's remake (almost direct copy) of the 1957 film "Invasion of the Saucer Men." Very low budget.

Wild Wild Planet First installment of the Gamma Quadrilogy. Dubbed from Italian. An evil doctor and corporation are stealing people and making clones.

Wizard of Mars Low-budget nod to "Wizard of Oz". Four astronauts trapped on Mars must find the secret to returning to Earth.

Space Probe Taurus A probe looking for a new earth is thrown off course. They find an earth-like planet, though some danger. Ship repaired, they return with the good news.

The Secret of the Telegian English dub of Toho's second "mutant" film (1960). A (supposedly) murdered WWII soldier uses a teleporter to take revenge on his killers.


Pxidis said...

I am looking for a sci-fi movie where one half of this planet is day, one half is night and the prison guard is a big fish guy.

Nightowl said...

That's not one that I've covered so far. Perhaps if you could share a few more clues, some other reader will recognize it. (?)

Anonymous said...

When I was a child, I remember seeing a movie where a scientist had living human heads separated from their bodies. The heads could talk and control their legs and arms that were on the walls of the laboratory. In the end, the heads made their arms strangle the scientist. Sorry, I don't know the year, perhaps in the 1960's. Any idea what the name of this film is ???

Nightowl said...


Sounds like you're describing "The Frozen Dead", 1967, which just so happens to be the next movie up in my queue, after "Mars Needs Women" on Valentine's Day.

Stay Tuned.

Anonymous said...

Great Thanks!!!

George said...

What a great site to wonder around, remembering all those old movies.

I was looking for an old movie, the plot was a common one, a group of scientists (including the required female one), are working on some form of alternate time projection device when a problem occurs and the projection becomes a portal/door to past/future time/place. Anyway the experiment goes wrong and their only escape is through the portal. The final scene is the group looping through their own lab (at a greatly accelerated time rate, seeing themselves in the process) to escape into an unknown future since the portal is blank, but we all hope.

If you have any idea on the movie it would help, may thanks.

Nightowl said...

Sounds like you're describing a 1964 film called "The Time Travelers." I reviewed it awhile ago. Below is a link to the review.


"Journey to the Center of Time" is a 1967 remake of the same basic idea. Similar theme, but not as good. My review for that one is at:


Hope this helps.

George said...

Many thanks, Sounds like a match, so will check it out on love film to refresh the memory.

l seem to recall it in black and White, but maybe colour washes out of memories after 40 years. LoL.



Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find the title of a movie I saw long ago. It is black and white so it has to be from the fifties or early sixties. In it, an alien woman is taking people and no one knows if they are dead or alive. In the end it's discovered that she injects people with her needle finger nails with alcohol, or a similar substance that makes them drunk.

Nightowl said...

Sounds like your memory might have conflated two different movies. The needle-nails with alcohol sounds like "Invasion of the Saucer Men" (1957)


They weren't women, though, but ugly little "green" men (it was black and white, but they said they were green).

The woman part might be from several other movies.

Hope this helps.

Don said...

Great site! Thanks a lot. I'm trying to recall a movie, probably from the early 50s, in which a spaceship lands at night on a creepy scottish moor and a fellow--I think he was riding a bicycle--screams "the boogeyman!!" when the monster/alien (unseen)emerges. Very atmospheric and well done. Ring any bells?

Nightowl said...

Hi Don,
Off hand, it sounds like you might be describing "Man From Planet X" (1951)


While low-budget, the story is pretty well told and very atmospheric with lots of night and foggy-night shots.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

when i was young i saw a movie where there was a world built in the ocean he had a strange key with a symbol and it helped him in the end to open a secret way out when everything was getting distroyed i dont know what year it was made maybe in the 70s i wonder if it makes sense to you thanks!

Anonymous said...

when i was young i saw a movie where there was a world built in the ocean he had a strange key with a symbol and it helped him in the end to open a secret way out when everything was getting distroyed i dont know what year it was made maybe in the 70s i wonder if it makes sense to you thanks!

Sheesh said...

Great site! I'm looking for a movie that starts off in a construction site underground, like a subway or other tunnel, and a special chamber is found. Strange things are discoverd, either small creatures or artifacts of creatures. They continue digging/exploring and in the end a huge white monster comes out - it is night and it has shimmering blurry light effects and looks a bit like a large dinosaur but for me as a little kid came off as quite scary. Does anyone recognize this?

Nightowl said...

Sounds like you're describing "Quatermass and the Pit", or known by its American release title of "Five Million Years to Earth".

Here's the link to my review of that movie. Have a read. See if it matches up with your memory.


Anonymous said...

You've got the brief synopsis of HORROR OF PARTY BEACH in place of the brief synopsis of MONSTER A GO GO on the 1965 page.

Richard Berris said...

What about "The Tingler" 1959 Movie with Vincent Price.

C said...




Anonymous said...

i remember a japanese sci fi movie with an army of bullet-shaped trash can robots file out of a train tunnel....the army fires at them and campbells tomato soup pours out of their eyeballs...what is the movie

Anonymous said...

another movie i remember is one in which a sea captain's head was re united with his body at the end. the pirate had a beard and the movie was black and white. any ideas?

Anonymous said...

the prisoner, starring patrick mcgoohan, was a 1960s cult classic tv series. big white balloons often chased him on the shore and other places. he was number 4. and he lived in a prison called the village.

Anonymous said...

The link for your review of "Village of the Giants" links back to the index page.

Anonymous said...

The link for "Evil Brain from Outer Space" links to the index instead of the movie review.

Nightowl said...

Thanks for the tips on the bad links. I think I fixed them.

Robin said...

There's an American B-movie from 1965 that might fit into your sci-fi remit. "Sting of Death" concerns a deranged and disfigured scientist who turns himself (partially) into a jellyfish to menace almost everyone he encounters.

thingmaker said...

Couple of those unknown films...
1) Anonymous said..."when i was young i saw a movie where there was a world built in the ocean he had a strange key with a symbol and it helped him in the end to open a secret way out when everything was getting distroyed i dont know what year it was made maybe in the 70s"
And, amazingly enough, cuz I know the way movies from youth get jumbled, I am pretty sure that is actually a muddled memory of "Logan's Run" (1976).
2) Anonymous said..."another movie i remember is one in which a sea captain's head was re united with his body at the end. the pirate had a beard and the movie was black and white." - Again, with a bit of muddling, I believe that to be "The Thing That Couldn't Die" (1958). The "pirate" would be a sorcerer who was condemned and beheaded in California by Sir Francis Drake. Head and body buried separately and reunited at the end.