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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


After the abundance of sci-fi films at the end of the 50s, the scarcity of sci-fi releases in the early 60s felt like a drought. 1964 was the year things started to improve. There were a couple of major films, but the low-budget indie market was getting stronger too. Below are the sci-fi films of '64, in roughly chronological order. (those with no specified release date are at the end)

Children of the Damned -- Another variation/sequel on the theme of scary gifted children begun by Village of the Damned.

Last Man on Earth -- Vincent Price stars in this first movie adaptation of Matheson's novel "I Am Legend."

The flesh eaters -- A pirana-like bacteria trap some people on an island. An unscrupulous scientist among them wants to make it a weapon.

Gorath -- Toho Studios' big-budget retelling of When Worlds Collide ('51) but with a few twists.

The Human Vapor -- Dub of Toho's story from 1960. A variation on The Invisible Man, but he can turn himself into vapor.

Horror of Party Beach -- Toxic waste turns dead sailors into zombie monsters with a fondness for oblivious young women.

Robinson Crusoe on Mars -- Defoe's classic tale recast for the space age. An astronaut is stranded on Mars, but finds ways to survive.

The Creeping Terror -- Astoundingly odd indie film. An alien rocket lands on earth, releasing a slow and shambling monster which goes around eating people.

The Time Travelers -- An experiment to view the past becomes a time portal. The scientists become trapped in the post-apocalyptic future.

First Men on the Moon -- A film adaptation of H.G.Wells' classic tale. Features Lionel Jeffreies as Cavor and Ray Harryhausen animation.

Ikarie XB-1 -- A Czech film dubbed into english. A space ship travels to explore a mysterious "green planet" but encounter a radiation-induced sleeping sickeness en route.

The Atomic Brain -- aka Monstrosity. A shifty scientist is hired by an abusive rich old woman to transplant her brain into the body of a young buxom blonde.

The Earth Dies Screaming -- British tale of alien robots who invade earth, shutting down infrastructure, killing many, turning some into zombies.
Frozen Alive -- British crime-drama. A scientist in suspended animation is sought for the death of his wife.

Invasion of the Neptune Men -- Japan is invaded by robot-like beings from Neptune. Earth, and a group of school boys, are saved by hero "Iron Sharp" (or Space Chief).

Unearthly Stranger -- British sci-fi drama. Wife of scientist working on mental teleportation turns out to be an alien, teleported to kill him.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians -- Silly Christmas special. Santa is kidnapped by martians to make joy for douer mars kids. Teaches all martians joy.


jacktheweed said...

I have been trying to find an old movie of my youth for years.
My guess is that it came out around the time of Destroy All Monsters.
The only clues I recall are that the movie included a Japanese hitman who said, "I'm a good shot" at some point. I believe he was painted silver.
Also, there was a mushroom type creature that appeared in a dry lake bed that drained through a fissure.
I also remember a rolling ball, almost like a gobstopper monster that rolled around crushing things.

Any help would be appreciated!

Nightowl said...

Hey Jack,
Your monster movie sounds very Japanese, but not familiar. My particular study has not chased down all the Japanese films, though.

Perhaps another reader will have a clue for you.


Anonymous said...

i recall a japanese movie where a bunch a bullet shaped robots are filing out of a train tunnel, they are shot by the military, and blood that looks like undiluted tomato soup pours out of their eyeballs.....any ideas?

jacktheweed said...

After 40 years I found the thing. Turns out it was from the Johnny Sokko series and was the Destroy the Dam episode in particular.


Nightowl said...

Hey Jack,
Congrats on finding your lost movie (episode). Thanks for the link too.