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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


This was almost as big a year for 50s sci-fi as 1953. The genre was maturing and several sub-genre were taking shape. The notables of these were the giant-bug flicks, begun by Them! and the two rubber-suit monster types: the man-sized monster, typified by the gill-man in Creature from the Black Lagoon and the "giant" rubber-suit monster destroying model cities, defined by Godzilla. Amid all that, swirled B-movies both thoughtful and silly. Here they are in chronological order.

Riders to the Stars -- the second in Ivan Tors' "Office of Scientific Investigation" trilogy. Astronauts train for a dangerous meteoroid capture mission.

Killers from Space -- the second sci-fi B movie from the Wilder team. Almost retro, even in '54. The forerunner of alien abduction stories. Starring Peter Graves.

Creature from the Black Lagoon -- the grand daddy of all later man-in-rubber-suit monster flicks. One of the famous classics.

Devil Girl from Mars -- a low-budget British film with a cool twist. Mars women need to abduct earth men.

Them! -- this is the granddaddy of all the later giant atomic bug flicks. A classic.

Gog -- the third of Ivan Tors' OSI trilogy. High flying spy plane causes a super computer to kill off America's rocket scientists.

Crash of Moons -- a movie compilation of Rocky Jones, Space Ranger TV episodes. The old movie serials find new life on the small screen.

Tobor the Great -- a kid's sci-fi movie starring a big robot which can be controlled telepathically. Commie spies are out to steal Tobor.

Target Earth -- a low-budget B in which a handful of citizens elude a killer robot in a deserted city.

The Snow Creature -- another low-budget Wilder production about a Yeti captured and brought to Los Angeles.

Godzilla -- the granddaddy of all flicks featuring a "giant" monsters (men in rubber suits) destroying model cities.

Stranger from Venus -- a low-budget remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Monster from the Ocean Floor -- a low-budget monster movie by Wyott Ordung, the writer of Robot Monster ('53).

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea -- Disney's retelling of the classic Jules Verne tale. Big name actors, big budget and lavish color, but the Nautilus almost steals the show.


Anonymous said...

Looking for Monster on the Ocean Floor. The link is bad. Thanks!

Nightowl said...

Fixed it

charlie013 said...

I was wondering if you omitted The Atomic Kid (1954)
for any particular reason! I'm watching it now! What caught my eye during credits was the production company and, a very famous person listed as the writer, Blake Edwards!!

Nightowl said...

Only that I did not have a copy back then. Thanks for the reminder. I will hunt up one, and add it.