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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sci-fi movies of 1951: This was a busy year in the sci-fi genre. Three big classics came out: The Thing and The Day the Earth Stood Still and When Worlds Collide. The "B" market was also gearing up, cranking out several low-budget sci-fi flicks. Quick, cheap sci-fi fun was just getting started.

The Thing: From Another World -- is the classic big mean alien flick. Low-budget, but well done.

The Man From Planet X -- is an obscure low-budget alien-landing film, but with a bit more thought-provoking nature.

When Worlds Collide -- is one of the mega-classics of 50s sci-fi. A handful of people must escape earth before a rogue star collides with it.

The Day the Earth Stood Still -- is another mega-classic, a low-budget, but nonetheless influential nuclear-war warning story.

Five -- is a very obscure low-budget post-apocalyptic tale of five nuclear-holocaust survivors.

Unknown World -- is a low-budget adaptation of Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth, but with the goal of shelter from nuclear war.

Flight To Mars -- is a rather lavish B-film in which earthlings encounter an "advanced" martian civilization which wants thier rocket so as to invade earth.

The Man in the White Suit -- is a modest sci-fi comedy, where a miracle polymer has everyone out to stop its inventor.

Captain Video -- is a movie serial in which the Video Rangers must stop the evil Vultura from subjegating the Earth. Ultra-low-budget.


My Patchwork Katt said...

on when worlds collide- i 'think' you meant 'rogue' rather than rouge. unless of course the monster needs pink cheeks :)

Nightowl said...

Cometkatt, Oops. Darn "auto-correct", always trying to "help". Fixed it. Thanks. No, the errant star did not wear makeup. Just a plain killer star.

Unknown said...

I have no idea the title, year, or most of the plot of the movie I'm looking for, but it impressed me 50+ years ago so much that I still remember one key scene from it.

Somewhere toward the beginning of the movie, a man decides to investigate a large container, something like a huge container you might see at a gasoline reserve station. Soon after he climbs up the outside ladder to check it out, he is seen staggering back down the ladder, his body smouldering, and his cries of agony are unforgettable. As he nearly falls down the stairway that winds around the container, he cries out "Broadhead! BROADHEAD", apparently seeking rescuing by a friend named Broadhead, from whatever is eating him alive. As he nears the end of his descent, he collapses into a fuming heap, dead.

The dying man seems to have a British accent, although I'm not sure of that part.

If anyone knows anything about this movie--if anything at all sounds familiar--please share the information you have with me. Thank you!

Nightowl said...


What you are describing sounds like a scene from "Quatermass II" (1955 in England) or "Enemy From Space" (1956 USA). Vincent Broadhead is one of the minor characters. The refinery you describe (actually is, for filming), but is supposed to be a synthetic food plant which is actually an incubator for aliens.

Here's a link to my review of Enemy From Space:


-- Nightowl